February 19, 2009


LOA gangsta,"The Captain's" 10-year old daughter Solveig, was featured in the Sun Times recently for her awesome talent as a young graffiti writer. All of her pieces are done entirely by herself, and she has started up a bunch of other young female writers, forming the AGC “All-Girls-Crew”. YOU GO GUUUURL!!
A girl of ten has been dubbed the new Banksy after creating incredible graffiti paintings. The youngster, who goes by her tag name Solveig, sprays pictures legally on wasteland near her home. Solveig, which is her real first name, has created 20 large-works on special graffiti sites in Brighton. They feature fry-ups, cartoon characters and sharks. She said: “I started watching people doing paintings and asked them if I could have a go.”
(Check out more of Solveig's photos here on Flickr)

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