April 17, 2009


A few points on this one: First of all, this man has breasts.-Pretty voluptuous ones at that. Second, I wonder what leads up to this not only getting filmed, but then after it's done, who decides that "Yeah, I think this needs to go up on YouTube. The world needs to see this."? And one final point here; I imagine that in an 'everything is relative' sort of way, seeing/ hearing this, to me, is what it's like for a 60-yr-old white person to see/ hear ANY rap music. (Good lookin out Siddiq 'the Freak')

Awwwww Jeeeahhhh!! Our boy Ray J is back at it.... The main thing I'm trying to figure out is, does Ray J have parents? I mean maybe this is a non-factor considering the name of the song is 'I don't give a fuck'. Yeah, Apparently not...
(Good looking out Jide)

We are looking for your submissions for horrible rap this weekend, so LOA soldiers, fans, readers; -come with it. Links can be (submitted in the comments section).


Anonymous said...

that album by lil Wayne.

Anonymous said...

i couldnt get passed a min.. you slut..

Nick said...

This Rappers name is Grinchent Van Gogh, lol


the sea hag said...

these fools are from my old city, they do horrible graffiti too.


boozin sarandon said...
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