June 17, 2009

Amazing Art

Saw this on the TTL Blog and felt compelled to comment. Just to recap, Pharrell Williams and Takeshi Murakami collaborated on a piece that debuted at Art Basel in Switzerland. Murakami did his usual anime monster sculpture (zzzz) and then your boy Skateboard P added a gold bag of Doritos and a cupcake covered in diamonds (courtesy of Jacob the Jeweler). This sold for over $2 million. Are Dick Clark and Ed McMahon hiding behind the sofa waiting for my reaction?

I'll be honest, I always thought Murakami's style was dope but he's deep into one trick pony status at this point, and his "celeb collabos" are real jokes. I am still debating whether the iced-up Pepsi can, the hat or Pharrell's rebuke of "bling" is the dumbest part of this video. This is the type of shit that makes me want to stop using the Internet.


C-Rocka said...

2Million?! RETARDED!

I bet it was some trust-fund kid that bought that garbage.

Anonymous said...

yeah i love lotion

Anonymous said...

i was willing to give dude the benefit of possibly having something real to say, but after listening to half that i realized he has no fucking idea that this project is basically an empty gesture. the impetus for this is to show people how essential pepsi and cupcakes and shit is to their lives? wow, how mind bogglingly deep pharrell.

boozin sarandon said...

pharrell sounded like a fucking moron, fuck takashi murakami, and that interviewer should work on her delivery..i hate art

Ari said...

is it me, or is Skateboard P. rocking the Andre 3000 look? has he given up on the Candyland fashions at the House of Ice Cream/BBC colabo with Nigo for southernplayalisticcadillacfunkymusic couture d'jour?

"I love lotion." --dude is definitely ready for his PhD in metaphysics at Stanford.


PS: Isn't Jacob Arabo in the slammer right now?--thought he was serving time for money laundering, etc?

Marythefierce said...

Pharrell needs to stuck his head inside his a-hole, and then describe and translate that sensation into art and it would kind off be the same.