September 3, 2009

Coolio Plays For Cash, Chicken

According to The Boombox:

Nineties rapper Coolio has been hired to play a small venue in Colorado for "$3,000, a bucket of chicken and a bottle of Patron (he likes the Silver variety)" according to the show's booker. The concert will be held on Sept. 6 at "The Deli Zone" a restaurant in Longmont, whose local paper hails the performance as "the city's first celebrity performance in recent memory."

"Where's Longmont at?" Coolio is quoted as saying, in response to being asked by the Longmont Times-Call if he'd ever been to visit the city.

I'd consider adding a bottle of Jergens and some ChapStick to that rider.


sean said...

You guys are going to make fun of his rider? Leave him alone.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I don't get it, Coolio is playing at a sub shop?

bastion of suffering said...

he slept on my uncles couch in Bosnia for a week after performing out there

Anonymous said...

The beauty of the story is that you can pick your punchline: Coolio is playing at a deli, the promoter felt compelled to disclose that a bucket of chicken is on the rider, someone is paying Coolio to do anything, Coolio has never heard of where he is playing, Coolio needs moisturizer, etc. This post is really like the proverbial onion.

boozin sarandon said...

he's still got it

JhC said...

I work at deli zone in longmont where coolio did come and play. ALTHOUGH, he DID NOT PLAY THERE FOR A BUCKET OF CHICKEN! I know cause i was there. I was back stage. Stop ragging on coolio.