September 13, 2009

Kanye Needs Attention, Mouth Shot

I'm gonna take a quick break from Jake Cutler throwing a million interceptions to say a few words to Kanye about running up on stage at the VMAs. The shit is tired, homie. We get it. You must be the center of attention at all times. But, you already did the exact same thing at another MTV award show. Just like your beats on the new Jay-Z album, your whole style is stale. Taylor Swift is a 19 year old country pop singer. Pull this shit on MOP or Ghostface and let me know how it turns out. You are a fucking embarrassment to the City of Chicago. I'm sure your publicist is already cranking out an apology. Yawn...

And Kid Cudi, fuck you too for co-signing this shit (and just being generally wack).

Update: MTV took down the original video.


Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

The real question is; who embarrassed themselves more, Kanye or Jay Cutler. I'm gonna go with Kanye, because he actually achieved his goal of sucking that bad. Cutler's was just an accident... Actually make that several accidents.

Detroit Murder Dog said...

Yeah, rough night all around for Chi City. Still hoping to wake up and find that fake punt was just a bad dream.

Anonymous said...

Horrible Rap Thursday submission at 2:55 on this video:

Kayne West RUINED Taylor Swift's Moment---My VMA '09 RANT!!!!!

Logan Lott said...

Obama just called Kanye a jackass. I wonder if Kanye will protest Obama and fail to sell anymore albums. Whatever.

Anyway, put this video on LOA.


Badass hip hop from the Congo (Lubumbashi that is).