October 8, 2009

Racist or Not Racist: Australian Jackson 5

I could run down all of the questionably racist things about this video, but that would take all of the fun out of it. Perth Murder Dog hit me on the jack and said that this stuff is pretty common there, so maybe it's OK. Whether this is Racist or Not Racist™ is for LOA readers to decide.

Note that about halfway through, Harry Connick gets on the soapbox and speaks on behalf of the entire USA. Although I'm not a fan, I'm going to give him some credit for restraint. I probably would have C-walked on an Australian flag, punched a kangaroo and burned a photo of Paul Hogan before being removed by security.


kicks79 said...

This is fusked up. And not what go's down in australia on the regular. makes me ashamed to be from here. Not a good look X 1000.

lil wayne said...

the bit wasn't very funny, but i don't give a fuck about racism. black people do more damage to their own reputation then white people could ever try to do in 2009. harry conick jr can take his white guilt and go eat 17 bowls of dicks, fuck that guy.

Anonymous said...

^i'm black & i totally co-sign this comment.