December 16, 2009


We, didn't elect him. Fuck; the Connecticut Democratic primary voters didn't even elect him. Nevertheless, Joe Lieberman is essentially running the country. Hey Obama, way to bow down to corporate interests and the biggest traitor to the (small 'D') democratic process as personified in Joe Lieberman. It is clear that Obama never wanted the public option in the first place, in spite of all of his campaign bullshit. Hope? Change?? Get the fuck out of here with that shit. Democracy is/ has been dead for years. R.I.P. democracyReal Talker Howard Dean:


J Bizzle said...

exactly what i expected. I love how pro-war, Pro-guantanamo, Pro blackwater, Pro-wall street, Pro-Oil,and pro-insurance company this country is. lets throw a Bush quote in there while were at it "the constitution is just a god dam piece of paper." RIP democracy.

Anonymous said...

i dont even think liberman is the president, im pretty sure its china now

Anonymous said...

I have to say, that it's really amusing to me to see so many people waking up to the fraud that is obama. Unfortunately, it's after he was elected. After aaall the pie in the sky, hope/change, "yes we can" horseshit, it is now more evident more than ever that the emperor has no clothes. Before the election, I told people over & over that this guy was a phony, had a socialist agenda and was NOT the change you are looking for. I said that people hated Bush soooo much(as did I), that they would vote for anybody, especially a charismatic, smooth talking cat like obama. You WILL regret voting for him. Wish I had a fucking nickel for everyone who has since spoken to me of that regret. This "health care" bill is nothing close to what it was originally intended to be. Hell, even the far left poster child, Howard Dean, says it should be killed. obama is just like bush. A puppet controlled by special interests and under the radar agendas. He doesn't give a sweet shit about you anymore than bush. When will some of you get it, that "change" will only come from the people themselves. Not phony, fraudulent, well spoken, hypocritical politicians. It's time to recognize the TRUTH. Not everyone is gonna' survive. Not everyone will have a long life of good health. You either get GREAT health care for those that work for it or you get average(at best) health care for all, subsidized by the taxpayer. Either way, YOU pay for it. There really is no gray area. You can't have your cake & eat it too. It goes against human nature. Self interest & preservation is in our DNA. Interestingly enough, this bill will, most likely, be forced down the American people's throats anyway. Making a bad situation much worse. I hope the Dems are looking for other work, because come next year, the ousting will begin and the backlash will be harsh. Just my opinion. But, we all know what those are like.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

I have to disagree with the Republican talking point labeling him a socialist... -That is unless you're referring to the socialist redistribution of our tax dollars handed out to banking interests and the rest of our money to health insurance companies. For the rest of us, Obama seems to be continuing with the Corporations first model of democracy. A real non-tyrannical, Scandinavian form of socialism would seem like a breath of fresh air compared to the corporatist democracy-for-sale bullshit we have now.
Same shit, different president...

Anonymous said...


I can't stop laughing at all you guys that jocked this man so bad. It was shocking how many people just suspended logic and turned into slack jawed zombies saying HOPE CHANGE, and not even being about to stomach ANY criticism about Obama.


HA! My motto for years. Did yoou HONESTLY think something was going to change? Motherfuckers talking about obama like he's JESUS CHRIST.


Anonymous said...


I love this blog. Keep it up!

Detroit Murder Dog said...

There's no going back once they pass this piece of shit legislation, so I hope everyone enjoys the needlessly expanded government fueled by your increased tax burden. The hidden cost for this non-benefit will be a Republican Congress and President within the next 4 years. This whole thing has been so fundamentally mishandled that it makes Giuliani's run for President look masterful by comparison. Let's recap: losing control of the message almost instantaneously, creating and then breaking false and unrealistic deadlines, hiding the text of the bill from the public, admitting that nobody in Congress will really read it anyway, demanding the public option as a mandatory part of this reform and then saying it's not really needed. Am I missing anything?

J Bizzle said...

I think a good quote came out of this:

"change" will only come from the people themselves.

Thanks anonymous,

I think some of us needed a reminder that our govt is so broken that we should stop expecting positive results from them, democratic president or not.

On that note I'd like to big up Alan Grayson, and anybody else who's at least trying to correct these situations.

you GO boy!