January 27, 2010

No Idea's Original

Sean Combs' Dirty Money (not to be confused with Lil Wayne's Young Money) hits all the right notes in this new banger:

Recycled Biggie verse? Check
Auto-tune singing? Yep
Black and white montage of images from projects? Uh-huh
Reuse of a Jay-Z beat? Yes!

There's a remix of this song which has a Rick Ross guest appearance, tramps counting money, fat dudes with duffle bags, luxury cars on Miami streets and some other stuff I've never seen in a rap video. Where does Puffy get all of these great ideas?!

Speaking of Puff, does anyone else find it unseemly that he donated $10,000 to Haiti at the same event he gave his son a $350,000 car?


Anonymous said...

$10,000 deduction on his taxes.

Anonymous said...

Did you really expect any different? How bout' diddy buys that kid a plane ticket to Haiti to show him how good he's got it? I know, I know, that's a lil' much.