March 28, 2010

Boxing is Over

When I was a little kid, boxing was awesome. You had Hagler and Hearnes, Sugar Ray Leonard, Boom Boom Mancini, Macho Camacho and the 88 Olympic boxing team. Mike Tyson fighting Mitch Green in the street is a memory I'll cherish for the rest of my life. Flash forward to 2010 and boxing is a wrap.

Instead of being tough guys, today's boxers walk a thin pink line. 2010's top ranked boxers would rather live out karaoke fantasies than knock people out. Seriously, what's worse: Pac-Man's off-key rendition of "Sometimes When We Touch" or the gay Korean dude signing Mariah Carey? Before you say Manny was just clowing around, consider that he has two platinum albums in the Philippines. C'mon Filipino people. There must be some more car tuning parts or (size 7) Dunks you can spend your money on before this shit. Oscar De La Hoya single-handedly tried to ruin boxing first by releasing a terrible pop album and then by dressing up in womens' lingerie. Floyd Mayweather isn't in any better shape as he keeps cranking out a steady stream of awful rap videos. Floyd, please leave the mic alone. You are no Allen Iverson.

This shit is a disgrace.


Anonymous said...

apparently you haven't seen this man fight as you would rather knock back miller lites at buffalo wild wings in a drunken sea of affliction shirt wearing and tribal tattooed suburbanites.There are plenty of tough guys and scumbags in boxing that you are unaware of for the simple fact that you don't actually watch it, probably because the idea of men with 13-7 records in bicycle shorts rolling around with each other on the ground or knocking each other unconscious with extremely telegraphed haymakers is more appealing to you.

Anonymous said...

What is Anon talking about? Did he read this post?

Anonymous said...

why can't he do whatever he wants. so if your a boxer you have to be tough all the time? that's some stupid shit. someone needs to put down the haterade.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see that Hopkins-Jones Jr. fight? Holy shit that was terrible. The whole sport of boxing is on the canvas right now.