April 13, 2010

Ukrainian Sand Art

In the US, we spend our free time drinking cough syrup and playing video games. Not so in Eastern Europe where they stay honing crazy talents. The halftime show at the last Bulls game was two Slovakian brothers doing flips through fire, and before that was a Russian gymnast who set some kind of hula hoop record. This video shows the winner of Ukraine's Got Talent. Not a surprising win since the other contestants were a dancing bear and a Putin impersonator. Anyway, this is pretty banana. As an aside, if you threw some D's on this lady, she'd really be in business.


Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

She does kindof have that coldwar throwback hotness to her. That haircut is definitely what's cracking... What's up with that Ukrainian Sand art mixtape?

Anonymous said...

Metallica at the end.