July 28, 2010

Define "Growth"

Grown from "horribly awkward kid" to "ghoul"? This story from MSN.com tries to convince readers that Chelsea Clinton has blossomed into a beautiful woman. Seriously? My wife gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and even she says "bitch is gross" when she sees Chelsea on TV. My guess is that when the Kraken wakes up, Chelsea's awful mug will end up saving the day. Nicest thing I ever heard about Chelsea was from Guardian Angels weirdo Curtis Silwa who said she looked like she got hit with a bag of nickels. Bottom line is that she is sub-CHUD by a mile (i.e., dick in a wood-chipper > Chelsea Clinton). However, as her wedding becomes the dominant news event, get ready to read a zillion stories about how gorgeous she is. Who are they kidding?


Anonymous said...

Face like a dropped pie.

Anonymous said...


Shes cool in my book. 666.

bastion of suffering said...

fucking disgusting.