August 10, 2010


I love situations like this, where Sarah Palin's tiny mind is caught in between trying to seem pro-constitution/ first amendment and trying to save face politically as the cameras roll. -Especially when that means someone putting up a 30-foot banner reading 'WORST GOVERNOR EVER' in the background while filming her stupid-ass TV show 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' for the TLC channel. Adding insult to injury, she stepped to the creator of the banner and just got intellectually manhandled...-Beautiful.  This whole situation reminded me of the time DJ Lady Tribe showed up at a wall posing with spraypaint cans, trying to look cute in 5-inch stripper heels, so that her photographer could shoot pics for her website. About 2 minutes into the 'shoot' she completely stepped right into a massive pile of dogshit. like a mini-dogshit mountain.. That dog must have been constipated for a month before unleashing that one.  The takeaway: It's virtually impossible to look cute while scraping dog shit off of your shoes.

(Read the full story at the Huffington Post)

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bastion of suffering said...

best post of 2010. period.