February 24, 2011



Anonymous said...

You should also say "Fuck the WI voters." He said what he was going to do in his campaign and now he's doing it as governor. They had their chance to keep him out 3 months ago and blew it.

Anonymous said...

fuck unions, especially the teachers union, more than half of wisconsin kids cant read at normal level. and they have the balls to ask for more money and pensions, fuck them. wisc voted for him and now the unions hav to bus in supporters(union thugs). unions hav grown to powerful. just look at how scared dems got, they dipped out cuz they know theyre campaign money comes from unions just as big buisness greases repubs, either way tax payer always gets fucked

NV said...

Underfunded state pension plans are a very real problem. Most economists and state comptrollers agree that across the 50'states these plans are underfunded by at least $3 trillion dollars. In the near future more and more states are going to have to make the difficult budgetary decisions that Wisconsin is making now, and it is going to be ugly.

That being said, Gov. Scott Walker is going about Wisconsin's fiscal crisis in the worst way possible. He's conspired with prominent members of the business community, notably the Koch brothers and the Americans for Prosperity, a non-profit David Koch chairs that is hell bent on side-lining unions. Americans for Prosperity was started for a simple reason: to lobby government to decrease regulations on corporations' corporations, and to sharply limit the powers of unions that end up costing corporations more money. Americans for Prosperity have also organized to bus in counter protestors and spent $342 thousand on TV ads to inform Americans that working people are killing this country by using their collective bargaining power to ensure they earn a living wage. A three percent tax hike for the richest is Socialism, but what would amount to a 20 percent pay cut for many working families is "the right thing to do" according to Americans for Prosperity and their lap dog Walker.

If you hate unions you had better hate Americans for Prosperity and other similar non-profits and foundations, they're just unions for rich, robber barron plutocrats.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

I agree... Fuck Wisconsin Voters. They've been fucking up majorly of late, starting with voting Russ Feingold out of office.

But I'm still sticking to my initial 'Fuck Scott Walker' platform. He's not doing any of this as some sort of principled stand on educational standards, nor in reaction to some state fiscal crisis as he claimed. He's doing it as a purely political move to try to kill the Democrats' biggest campaign contributors, the unions. The teachers' unions already accepted pay cuts and he still was unwillling to accept anything less that complete and total surrender. That means giving up their ability to even negotiate for reasonable terms of employment. I agree that, nationwide, the teachers unions have gotten out of hand. But I think the issue is a little more complex than simply saying 'fuck unions'. Clearly there needs to be some kind of performance-based standards in place in order to weed out the lousy teachers from the good ones, but getting rid of the the unions would only insure that public education will continue to get shittier and shittier, and the American workforce will continue taking a backseat to skilled and unskilled labor overseas.

Of course this play's into 2 major Republican political objectives:
•1.Destroy the public school system
•2.Cater to big business's insatiable need for cheap overseas labor

Plus there's the added Republican benefits of privatization. After all, we dont need a functioning society, we just need to create a framework for CEOs to make as much money as possible.

Fuck Scott Walker. He's just a puppet for the corporatist Republican machine.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

^Yeah, what NV said

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Fuck Scott Walker. Greedy, money & power hungry, marxist union goons have nothin' ta' do with it. Unions are about to get they're card punched.

Real American said...

SnickerDiz… We got some pretty stale Republican talking points spewing from our 2nd and 3rd previous anonymous posts here… "Greedy, money & power hungry, union goons" is like saying "the sky is down and gravity does not exist"

UNIONS = every day working people coming together to organize for better working conditions

SCOTT WALKER + REPUBLICANS = Special interest, greedy, corporate fascists, who have grown too powerful and hate democracy and want plutocracy via their 30+ year long Reaganomic war against the middle class

Unions are the people that brought you the weekend. Hey Anonymous, you enjoying your UNION WEEKEND?!?!?

Lil Swanson said...

Peace to the unions, but I'm not sure why I'm responsible for paying janitors' pensions (especially when I'm the only person responsible for my own retirement security).

Ross. said...

Check this shit out.


Cops? Who knew?

Rocky Rococo said...

yeah, fuck teachers, driving those mercedes, responsible for teaching kids things that they already know. why cant schools be run like a kinkos, who cares about high turnover, were paying too much.

collective bargaining is definitely the cause of these budget issues.

i want to pay hundreds of dollars a month for prescription drugs, thats the american way, gouge the shit out of your fellow citizen, this has nothing to do with these budget shortfalls, personal and state, we should all pay what a shareholders feel it should cost to get a checkup/surgery/drugs. healthcare is a commodity, the more you want it, the more you pay for it. and while were at it, abolish the NIH, that publicly funded piece of shit hasnt created any benefit to anyone.

patent genes, so that in the future i can pay monthly royalties for being immune to chicken pox.


kyle green said...

did you know that horsey's real name is Scott Walker?

Anonymous said...

if you think there is more than an EXTREMELY MARGINAL difference between democraps & republican╩╗ts then you are a fucking joke. wake up. do something besides "voting" & "bitching on the internet" to "change things"

evolve dipshits.

Jay Money said...

Yeah dude, it's crazy if you think about people evolving. Supposedly people used to be monkeys or whatever, so I wonder what people turn into in the future. Do we become robots, or like Kevin Costner in Water World where we have gills, or do we become some shit that nobody has even thought of yet, like ghosts made of electricity or some shit, I don't know, it's crazy to think about, though.

Anonymous said...

@ REAL AMERICAN...I work on weekends, but thanks for the ignorant assumption.

Anonymous said...

it's the same old two sided shit...psycho exploiters who care only about the games of 'power' and 'wealth' and the rest of the fucking morons that allow themselves one way or another to be exploited.