February 4, 2011


Prophetic and Pizzle putting in work for the squad. Well done gentlemen!

At first I wanted to title this one beginning with the 'Horrible Rap Friday'label, but after watching it, I honestly think J Byrd is actually kind of talented. I know that on paper, a tween white kid rapping about his favorite football team sounds like a disaster in the making, but credit where credit is due, J Byrd kinda brought it... And the fact that he's coming correct on the Packers, you already know my thoughts on that...
Go Packers!

As far as judging this one on a purely rap level, this shit is pretty horrible. But I'm gonna still give him his props, because his heart is in the right place, and he's got this raw, drunken, Wisconsin, sports fan venom in him that is really appealing. Nice Jabs at Brett Favre and all the other NFC north teams.

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Anonymous said...

I dont know man, I think the last one is straight fire - its authentic trizzy sconnie jimbroni. priceless