August 29, 2011

Time's Up

OMG! Kreayshawn's Twitter got hacked and nude pics of her have leaked online. By "hacked" I mean "she was a bit player on the VMAs and needed a way to stoke her dying buzz, so she released these photos herself after the show." I don't blame her. She's at 14:58 and counting, so she has to do something to stay in the news. I predicted that she was going to drop a sex tape with an irrelevant rapper (think Mistah FAB or similar) to keep the Internet going nuts, so I wasn't too far off. Feel free to click the link, but she looks like you'd expect (i.e., a tattooed 10 year old meth user).

Peace to the homie Master Mold for the pic.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

She looks like Casey Anthony in that blue shirt. LOLZ!