October 21, 2011


What can I say... The man is a genius!  I'm not even being sarchastic here; to be able to exponentially outdo yourself every single day is fucking incredible!  What this man has achieved over the last 2 months is astounding.  It's the equivalent of Einstein coming up with the theory of relativity on monday, building a time machine on tuesday, and going back in time and stopping 9-11 on Wednesday (and so on and so on) .  Every day, I hear soundbites from this guy and I think to myself "Wow... that's possibly the dumbest shit I've ever ever heard".  And then, like clockwork, the next day he completely blows the previous statement out of the water.  If Michael Jordan was on Herman Cain's level, in the arena of saying increasingly dumber and dumber Republican talking points, he'd have like 60 Championship rings right now. Bow down to the greatest of all time; Herman Cain is a motherfucking GOD!

Bigotry and xenophobia are like apple pie and baseball:

The irony to end all ironies:

This is how a conservative wins a debate. -BOO-YAAAA

This is raw uncut lack of inteligence 

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