October 19, 2011


I don't expect any of you to sit through all of this. There's a good chance I'll only be able to stomach about 45 seconds of it.


Anonymous said...

sorry for the unrelated comment, and i hope it doesn't detract from later related comments on your post, but i wanted to make sure you saw my note, so here.

dear L.O.A.,

you guys are kinda my heroes and got me going with some serious knowledge when i first got high speed internet and could explore some of the unlimited information out there, starting with 911 info back when i first stumbled onto your blog, many moons ago.

you all seem pretty aware of a lot of relevant stuff most dummies glance over or ignore. a lot of the conclusions you share on your blog seem to come after simple considerations of actual things in the world. i'm sure you all get deep and original, and i have only the highest praises for you, but you know, religion is a scam, fox is lies, corporations are evil, those sorts of things all start to become startlingly clear when you actually consider them for a moment or do any kind of research. SO! i wonder how vegetarianism has escaped your sharing. no preach. just saying, it definitely falls into the category of "if you've looked into this at all or ever considered it, how the fuck are you not on board at some level?" right? anyone who spends an hour of there life online looking up veg stuff will see a lot. vegetarianism nowadays is for your sake, the earth, humanity, animals, consciousness, life, love, peace, etc. as intelligent thoughtful beings, this cannot be denied. i know you've seen food inc. so there is no claim of ignorance, because that should at least get the ball rolling for any person who hasn't considered it before. then whats the deal?

peace dawgs. real talk and asian babes for life.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

That is a great point and 100% real talk... I've been a vegetarian since '92 and have been a part-time vegan for the last 2 or so years. You're absolutely right in pointing that out and I feel like that has been a big hole in our game. I have posted some Peta videos in the past but it has been a while and more animal rights stuff needs to be in the rotation. If you have any good links, please send them to lordsofapathy@gmail.com

I think I was gonna post this awful one I saw a month or 2 ago where they were showing how they slit cows throats in the slaughterhouses, but it was so disturbing it just bummed me out and made me depressed. For some reason I didn't want to completely depress our viewers, but on second thought, it's more important to promote the information and hopefully it will make an impression on people. Thanks for this suggestion, it's a good one and I will definitely start promoting the cause more.

Your brother in Christ,


Anonymous said...

!!! awesome. i'll remember the email so i don't cloud up future comment space, but i realized some thoughtful people (the kinds visiting your blog ;) might read this and point out that eating animal products is almost as bad as eating meat, and that if its done in a humane, sustainable, organic way, it can still be legit. so not to hate on it all necessarily, but most people eat it in a thoughtless and bad way.

and fuck, i've been leaning towards veganism too, it just happens the more you think about it.

ok, thanks for the response and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Tried watching this the other day. Couldn't even make it 45 seconds. If you were to watch the whole thing your head would turn around 360 degrees while projectile vomiting Exorcist style.

Anonymous said...

charles darwin ate meat

so ima eat some meat

Anonymous said...

^ Are you gonna grow a big-ass creepster beard,
And go frolic around with some turtles in the Galopygos too?