June 6, 2012

What Part Of The Game Is This?

There is a game-within-a-game going on in the NBA Playoffs. Quiet as kept, the players are in a fierce competition to out-Urkel each other with the worst outfits outside of Williamsburg (pick one, NY or VA). I thought Russell Westbrook had it sewn up with his nautical nerd look, until Amare Stoudamire came off the bench with a post-apocalyptic Jewish hipster aesthetic. Dwayne Wade just called HORSE on all these fools with thick rimmed (pause) lensless glasses. For real, dude? Is "Hamburglar" the look that's popping in the streets? Are you Humpty Hump in a Digital Underground cover band? Is "fake disability" the new black? Oh man, I miss Derrick Rose...

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Anonymous said...


You forgot Baby Davis trying to hit nerd 1000 with this mess.