September 23, 2012

My Favorite Player

Derrick Rose is from Englewood and reps Chicago to the fullest. When he got hurt last season, his injury broke the city's heart and not because it meant the Bulls' playoff run was over. It was like a family member got injured. Even my mom (who has never watched a single basketball game in her life) called me upset. He's not the first pro athlete to play in his hometown, but I don't think a city has ever bonded with a local star like Chicago has with Rose. You can see some of the reasons why in this video. At a moment when he should be hyping his new shoe and counting that adidas money, he spontaneously breaks down and thanks his fans. If you don't like D.Rose, then you don't like basketball (or humanity).

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AhabtheArab said...

D.Rose for president.It's not too late for him to run, right?