August 14, 2007

Mighty Mouse sniffing cocaine.

Anyone remember around the mid 1980s when Mighty Mouse came back and it was more along the lines of Ren and Stimpy? well i do. that shit was the bomb, really any kids cartoon that involves drug use is a cartoon i can really get behind! this clip is from the episode called "The Littlest Tramp", there was a big stink made about how Mighty Mouse sniffed a little coke, but i say "who cares?!", in a perfect world i would have liked to see then push things a bit further and have old MM get his grubby lil super mouse paws on some PCP and get so high that he carves his little face off with a bottle cap and feeds it to his dogs (or whatever a mouse would own as pets, im sure it isnt dogs, but im not gonna put TOO much thought into this post).

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