January 8, 2008


This dude is clearly a graduate of the George W Bush school of lying. C'mon man... nobody injects vitamin B12 into their ass. I'll take my B12 the old fashioned way -thank you very much; -orally . The thing is, it's not like I give a shit wether you're on the juice or not, i mean, fuck it; let all these douchebags do whatever drugs they want; roofies, cat tranquilizers, chrystal meth, jenkem, coke, whatever... I dont give a fuck. -Just keep your bullshit from eatiing up my NFL playoff coverage on Sportscenter.
Baseball is a mega fruitcake sport anyways... Enough already, -who cares? Lets not give congress any more excuses to not do their fucking jobs. Besides, Baseball is in dire need of some 'spicing up' via massive widespread drug abuse 'makeover'. -You smell me?


RasTroy said...

Dude. Can you fucking hit the nail on the head any more clearly?? Good god. Fuck Roger Clemente and his bullshit profession.

Anonymous said...

Baseball is boring

Anonymous said...

All that may be true and nicely stated, but how many of you wouldn't sell you soul to the devil in order to be Derek Jeter? And I mean ONLY to have the roster of hot sluts he's run thru.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

I gotta admit it, you make a solid point my friend, but picture this: Derek Jeter; -strung the fuck out on steroids, Enzyte and Levetra. Throw in an ass full of vitamin B12 for good measure-BOOM!! You've got yourself a motherfucking 60 homerun per season roid-raging hoe-hopping frankenstein... -That's the type of Derek Jeter I invision myself as.