July 31, 2008


At risk of coming off like a total bitch, I decided to put you up on this movie Little Children. Now before you go and watch it, let me just warn you that this is not going to be some blockbuster, feel-good hit-of-the-summer type of deal. As a matter of fact, when I saw it on cable last year, I cried; literally cried... Like an emotional little bitch.-Yeah, that's right, -I said it, Your boy Snickerdoodles has a sensitive side. You mighta thought I was all about handing out knuckle sandwiches, regulating on fools, and getting into verbal altercations with motherfuckers at the local donut shop... -You'd be correct in assuming that; however there's a whole other side to S-Dot that fools don't even know about... In fact, while we're on the sensitivity tip, why not re-visit my Dancing around the world post from a few days ago.

P.S. For all you 'Chud' enthusiasts out there in the LOA nation (heads up Munzie), My girl Kate Winslet is really bringin' her 'A' Chud game, gettin hella nude up in this bitch (well, not 'hella', but nude nonetheless)...Juliette Lewis,-watch your back!!

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"nofutureface" said...

yeah man, i loved that movie too, it was great...and kate did get "hella" nude, its cool, you can use "hella" to describe her nudidness....werd!