September 29, 2008


Give this dude a verse on the 'Whoop That Trick' remix... I generally think cranky old white dudes are kind of a pain in the ass, but this guy has a way of keeping it refreshingly real. Watch as he takes Sarah Palin to the woodshed on her Katie Couric interview. He even straightens out Wolf Blitzer in the process... PRICELESS!!!

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C-Rocka said...

I watched that interview and my jaw was pretty much down the whole time. Palin is fuckin' stooooooopid! I don't think she had a solid answer for any of the questions Couric asked.

I hope people recognize esp some of the ladies in MN who are going to vote McCain cus Palin is a hockey mom too. Fuck outta here! Just goes to show how ignorant people are.