October 1, 2008


Rush Limbaugh does not like Senator Barack Obama for several reasons. Obama is a Democrat, somewhat liberal, and he is an African-America. Since Obama has started his campaign for presidency, Rush “I Hate People Who Aren’t White” Limbaugh has been on a warpath to use Obama’s race and leadership qualities to scare listeners into not voting for him.

Limbaugh refers to Obama almost daily as a "little man-child." A man child is, of course, a boy. No points for subtlety there. Limbaugh, who likes to tout his own cleverness, has found a way to call a prominent African-American male "Boy" in 21st-century America -- and practically no one has called him on it. He repeatedly refers to the Democratic nominee as "Barack the Magic Negro," although I haven’t heard him use this sobriquet in the past week or so. Regular commentary from "The Official Obama Criticizer" features Limbaugh staffer Bo Snerdly (a pseudonym) offering an eloquent critique that is then followed by an interpretation for "brothers and sisters in the hood." For example, this analysis of Michelle Obama this past August: Yo, Shell, let me give you your props first, yo. You was looking lace last night, yo, girl, you got it like that, no doubt. I almost could hope the brother could win so I could scope you out for the next four years, you know, but it ain't that kind of party here." We’re told Snerdly is justified in providing this discourse because he is "certified black enough to criticize." Limbaugh often refers to Obama as a "Chicago thug," justifying the remark because Bill Clinton allegedly applied the same term to the candidate in private remarks, although I don’t believe that was ever confirmed. However, Limbaugh also tries to portray Obama as an effete Ivy League elitist, so apparently he can’t even match up his stereotypes. When NBA star Josh Howard was caught on videotape refusing to sing the national anthem this summer — saying "I’m black" — he then indicated his support for Obama’s campaign. Limbaugh, of course, seized on this, attempting to associate the two men as though Howard was one of Obama’s closest advisors. He then added, on Sept. 18: "And, by the way, it's not just black athletes. There are certain black singers who are refusing to sing the national anthem at black events. They're singing the black national anthem, whatever that is."
Rush not only uses race to scare listeners into voting against Obama (“We can’t give black people anymore power”) but during his September 30 broadcast, Rush compares Obama to North Korean dictator Kim Jon-Il by playing a pro-Obama campaign commercial of children singing and a fifteen second clip of children praising Kim Jon- Il. Like the Bush administration, Rush’s scare tactics are weak. My dearest Rush, you may want to do some more research on this topic. Historically, (I know you don’t like history because that means reading) no matter what political system you live under, children sing to their leaders/power figures. Dumbass, don’t you remember when Bush was greeted by Israeli children singing "Over the Rainbow."


Anonymous said...

don't forget al franken's book "rush limbaugh is a big fat idiot" - jim chuggins

YogaforCynics said...

Rush doesn't need to do more research--he's smart enough to know when he's lying and how, just like he's smart enough to know how racist the things he's saying are, and how much damage they can do. Implying that a hateful demagogue like Limbaugh is uninformed is giving him too high a compliment.

Anyway, great survey of Rush's racism, here. Good to know intelligent people are listening to him and holding him to the garbage he spews, so that I don't have to!

Anonymous said...

This horrible man has ruined my day. I accidentally left the radio on after Bill Handel, and heard Rush spewing the most disgusting venom. Saying Obama was "creepy" over and over again in the most vile tone imaginable. Of course I turned the radio off, but his hideous way of talking about Obama made my skin crawl and has haunted me all day. I hope the Fairness Doctrine is reinstated.

Anonymous said...

FYI....I'm an educated, middle-aged, professional white male. That disgusting puke of what is so sadly referred to as a journalist, encourages me to support the fairness doctrine. When you think of all the good a person in his capacity could be doing, it is such a shame to see it wasted so poorly on counter-productive hate mongering. I am so irritated when I inadvertently am exposed to hearing him on the radio. He makes me angry and disappointed that such garbage is a given right in the land of the free and home of the brave. I don't think our forefathers had this in mind..

Anonymous said...

Education = high school
He failed every class in college and quit during the first year.(Check his biography.) He failed his dance class. His THREE marriages failed.
He is jealous of highly educated, good, honest people.
He is still in that high school mentality of bullying and insulting others.Political parties are using him to say nasty things against their opposition. Who says he is smart?