March 27, 2009


I'm a big fan of terrible art. The kind that manages to significantly depreciate the value of the raw materials that went into making the 'art'. Heres a few of my favorite Obama-centric gems I saw on "Bad paintings of Barack Obama.com:This one's just fucking creepy... I'm not really feeling that scrunched-up, sideways, vaginal, 3rd eyeball on homie's forehead. That, and the fact that he's in mid-pray... Although, I guess if he's praying for that creepy vagina-eye to go away, then all is forgiven.I'm gonna go ahead and give you half-credit on this one. You did successfully paint a picture of a black man in a suit; it just wasn't a picture of the person you though you were painting. If I were you, I'd remedy the situation by telling people that this is an age-projected picture of Willis from Diff'rent Strokes This one's hands down my favorite. Apparently, Michelle's away for the weekend with the kids and what do you think Ol' Barack's gettin into? -OH SNAP!! -It's another one of his Mexican-themed orgy/taco fiestas! B.Y.O.B (bring your own briefs).

(I originally found this link on the Portlander's blog Rose City Stump. Holler at them and tell 'em Snickerdoodles sent ya!)


Manny said...

Damn, that taco one is too fresh. I feel like it's probably a conservative's commentary on Barack border policy, but I don't even mind that it degrades my culture. If Mexicans have to be associated with anything, I prefer presidential orgies over laziness.

Anonymous said...

the third eye one is pretty fucking cool if you ask me, man i hope this whole probamamania thing will settle down soon, I voted for him and I'm happy he won but jesus christ its not like he's.......... jesus christ.

aliciaisabrowngirl said...

This is fantastic.

That second one - pretty sure I saw that dude on the bus two days ago.

Anonymous said...

the door to the White House is clearly phallic in the taco painting. your welcome.