March 15, 2009


This girl I used to go out with a long time ago was a major pain in the ass. She was always being overdramatic about stupid shit and was CRAZY paranoid that I was cheating on her all the time (-that eventually ended up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy). Anyways, long story short, one of the things that really used to erk me was the fact that she kept claiming to have this unspecified 'eating disorder'. I know that this is probably uncool to say, but I dont believe in eating disorders. -I mean yeah, I BELIEVE in them in the sense that they exist, I just dont BELIEVE in them in the sense that they are super fucking annoying. I don't want to validate some chick's food issues by calling it a 'disorder'... -OOOH!!!-DISORDER!! 'Disorder' is the financial meltdown, or the rule of law under the Bush Administration. Not eating food because you think you're fat is just fucking lame. Eating is a pretty straightforward formula: eat some food, but don't go fucking crazy. Maybe work out a little bit here and there when you have time. Don't waste your breath/ my sanity with all your nonsense musings about the inner-workings of your psyche and your repressed childhood memories as it relates to why you ate an entire pint of Ben & Jerrys. Here's the reason: That shit's delicious okay!? Go run on the treadmill if you're feeling guilty about it, but please; PLEASE! -spare me the theatrics already. Right before we broke up she got super into anal sex, and then afterward, she became a bloodsucking yuppie lawyer.

Anyways, here's Sayaka Ando:

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Super Mercado said...

"No, we can't have that for dinner, because this afternoon I already ate two servings of dairy, AND a whole serving of rice. You can have Mexican food on your own time ok? Tonight we're sharing a 300 calorie salad. And maybe a low fat sorbet dessert. What do you mean you didn't buy the sorbet!? You got Nutty Bars! Don't you dare fucking eat a Nutty Bar in front of me. You're so selfish."