March 14, 2009

Ill Advised

Democrats have an unproductive obsession with Rush Limbaugh.  Obama took a shot at him by name.  Since then, Democrats are talking about Rush as much as the stimulus package.  Note to Obama:  YOU ARE THE FUCKING PRESIDENT.  Rush is a radio show host.  There is a reason Eminem didn't respond to Cage.  Em was platinum and touring the world with Dr. Dre.  Cage was living in a hatchback and washing his pants in gas station sinks.  Let him talk his shit and just be about your business.

Fanning the flames, the DNC held a contest to come up with a scathing slogan to run on a billboard in Rush's hometown.  I have received at least 20 spam emails from the DNC about this like it's some game changer.  The slogan shown above is the "winner."  OH SHIT!  HOW IS RUSH GONNA COME BACK FROM THAT BURN?!  I mean, are you fucking kidding me?  These clowns received more than 80,000 entries and that was the best one?  What's next, a Tim Geithner Jump to Conclusions mat?  LOLZ (and eye roll)!  Maybe fixing the country can be your revenge instead of some moronic billboard.  This whole sideshow is an insult to my intelligence.


Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Sooo gay... If they're gonna waste our time with this kind of weak-ass shit, why not go for the throat with some real talk like:
Rush Limbaugh likes to fuck little boys in the Dominican Republic, but he's got Erectile dysfunction so he needs to bring a bottle of Viagra with him...-Punk bitch...

BMILLS said...

perfect analogy