March 19, 2009


It's kind of weird that the ex-Nazi leader of the Catholic church is actively promoting stone age superstitions that are tantamount to population control. In light of the AIDS epidemic in Africa, saying this kind of shit in spite of the documented scientific facts on the relationship between AIDS prevention and comdom usage, is fucking outrageous. It's impossible to be this ignorant. I guess killing a few million Africans is worth it in exchange for selling your snake-oil religion to a dying continent.


Anonymous said...

modern society should be added to the endangered species list.

Anonymous said...

goddam. way to fuckin lay it down. im so turned on im gonna go pound a nine year old buy.

Super Mercado said...

What the fuck. "Condoms actually increase the problem." What the fuck. Yo, I'd get it if he said "Yo, the Catholics don't believe in birth control because we believe sex is for making babies only, so if you're not married don't do it," or some shit like that, but to spread lies about that shit is not cool. What the fuck. Fuck you Benedict. In the words of Snoop Dogg, "You can eat a big fat dick."

expo said...

"condoms actually increase the problem"
thank you pope for giving me another line for the ladies