March 25, 2009

Racist or Not Racist: Russian Obama Chocolate Ice Cream

Russia joins fellow World War II villains Japan and Germany with this Obama-themed ad. Just as there is a black man is in the White House, the Duet ice cream bar has chocolate in vanilla ice cream. I think "Lexington Steele in Nikita Denise" would have given this ad more visual punch, but that's probably more offensive for other reasons. Once again, we are looking for you to make the call on whether or not this is racist.


Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

I think I'm gonna let this one slide. I mean, I'm sure you could make a pretty valid argument for why this is racist, but it doesn't seem like it has the typical hallmarks of negative black racial stereotypes here. No Bulging eyes, no exaggerated bulbous lips etc. I mean it's ice cream, -and it's not grape soda, watermelon or fried chicken flavored ice cream, so I'm gonna give the ruski's a pass here. Verdict:

A little side note here; our newest member of the GQ Hardbodiez Car Club has named is new Audi A3 'Lexington Steel'... -Dope!

Africa Black said...

Not racist (enough). They really need to raise their hate game up.

Maple Syrup said...

I would of said racist, but they saved it with the whole rainbow diversion. Instead of drawing attention that Obama's black they go ahead and suggest that he's gay. Thumbs up Russia... good touch with the "peace" sign as well.

Manny said...

I was going to let this one slide, because it seems to be celebrating president, but then I remembered that the KGB machine cannot be trusted. I really expected more conspiracy theories to have been posted in the comment section by now.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Here's an irrelevant note about that picture:
The building he standing in front of isn't even the White House, it's that other DC building... -What are they trying to say -All white buildings look the same??
Figures...-Fucking racists.

Anonymous said...

anything that is viewed as favorable in the public eye will be made marketable by the powers that be. Next time youre in the bathroom go ahead and ask yourself what babies crawling around on clouds have to do with wiping your ass.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Dude, it has EVERYTHING to do with me wiping my ass.

Kevin Lockett said...

This isn't mean racist. It's just "dude, that's so dumb" racist.

It's not "you deeply offended me" racist. It's point-and-laugh racist.

It's not OK, but it's nothing to get angry about. It's really a PR mistake.