September 26, 2009

D(C)MD: Jhoon Rhee

In the late 80s your boy Murder Dog was a BG bopping his way through the DC and Northern Virginia streets with go-go p.a. tapes and DC Scorpio cassingles in his Sony Sports Walkman. This commercial was inescapable on channel 20 and anyone who grew up in the DC area during this time can sing the Jhoon Rhee theme (written by Nils Lofgren!) on command. There were tons of crazy rumors about the kids at the end of the commercial. The most popular was that they got jumped in a school parking lot in Falls Church and then Jhoon Rhee hunted down and killed the attackers like Charles Bronson in Death Wish. Everybody seemed to know someone who had a cousin/friend/uncle who witnessed the kids getting beat up, so this was just accepted as fact throughout the Fairfax Country Public Schools. I later heard local variations on the rumor that had the kids getting beat up in Maryland. Anyway, I recently read that the girl went on to be an import tuner model and the boy ended up being good at math.

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Anonymous said...

Reston, VA. Represent. Jhoon Rhee. I think I saw Deceased at the Jhoon Rhee school.