July 9, 2010

The People vs. LeBron James

People are going ham on Lebron.

Now Clevelands main export isn't just crippling depression, it's also managed to export the best thing that's ever happened to them. I kinda feel Rayvon's pain. Not just because we are both black youth growing up in a white man's world, and not in the sense of me being sad that LeBron left, but the fact that I hate where I live and want people i like to come to Irvine and be depressed alongside me.

Come on guys, Cleveland is GARBAGE. GAAAAARBAAAAAGGE. Im sorry, but it's true. If I could go to a good ass team (no homo) and be on South Beach with hot tanned bitches with g-strings and eat those fluffy cuban pork sandwhiches with that tomato sauce all day... I would go too. So would you. All you LeBron haters are HATERS and you need hugs. Seriously, lets get serious.

Sorry Rayvon.


Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

That dude was not happy... I get it, I mean yeah, shit sucks when you have loyalty to something (-even something as dumb as an athlete or a sports franchise), and they dip out for what they believe is a better opportunity to win elsewhere. But I guess the bottom line is, this is the reality of the modern sports world. It's always great to see someone like Magic play their whole career for one team, but sadly that era is over. I guess, as a fan, you can hate all you want, but these dudes basically have a relatively short window of time to try to win championships, and to make as much money as possible. Loyalty to a city, -especially a city as shitty as Cleveland would be lucky to be a distant 3rd on that hierarchy.
I would say, "Don't hate the player, hate the game", but that's too obvious and predictable.

And yes, I am being a total hypocrite for doing the exact same thing as Trevon, when traitor-ass Brett Favre went to the fucking Vikings. Sue me...

Anonymous said...

lebron is a fag. end of the story. only a fag would make such a giant deal about switching teams.

Fuck Lebron said...

Championships are overrated anyways..

Was Robert Horry better and more marketable than Mike? He won more rings!! Of course not, fool....

Point being is that the one championship he might win will be greatly overshadowed by the perception that he is a giant douchebag. You think he is going to have his own Nike brand be successful when everybody outside of Miami hates him?

In the long run this will hurt his brand and earning power far more than if he were chasing individual records while being the cool and loyal dude in his hometown (ala Joe Mauer)

This was clearly a stupid knee-jerk reaction to an awful 2010 playoffs. His advisors must be retarded to not see the potential loss of hundreds of millions of dollars on the back end.

The perception will always be that this was WADE's team. Shit, Wade already got it done with a washed up Shaq and Udonis Fucking Haslem! Bron couldn't get it done with half the league coming thru Cleveland trying to win titles.

Dude is fucking nuts. He thinks he is set for life now, but after taxes, handlers, agents, publicists, $200,000 private jet rides, baby mommas, future divorces (Tiger, Mike), he really only sees less than 10% of his money. And that 30 mil will not sustain the lifestyle of him and his crew for 60 years.

I think he just left half a billion on the table. Fuck him.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

One flaw in your argument was that Mike played for the fucking Wizzards... -THE WIZZARDS! -That's not even a cool name for a team. It sounds like some Harry Potter-ass Quiddich team or something. That wasn't a step towards a championship, nor was it a step towards selling some decent-looking NBA apparel. It seems like Mike is doing just fine in spite of all that. I kindof have the feeling Lebron will be just fine financially after moving to Miami.

I get the outrage; -I do... But in the real world, like J-Seams said, I'd much rather be looking at tanned cuban asses on South Beach than freezing my balls off in some one-horse town turned zero-horse town in Cleveland (LeBron was said horse). Part of me is nostalgic of the bygone era of lifelong franchise players, but another huge part of me just wants to see Kobe not ever win another ring for the rest of his career.
Real Talk.

J.Seams said...

Don't get it twisted.. I think LeBron made a bad decision that he will one day regret in going to Miami. I dont think Miami is going to win the championship next year.. I'm not even sure if they can win the east.

LeBron handled his departure like an asshole and pretty much did everything in the most painful and narcissistic way possible. I'm not defending that, Im just saying that you can't blame him for leaving Cleveland. Going the Joe Mauer route is always honorable, but it's not likely nor should it be expected of LeBron or anyone for that matter.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a sinking ship, with or without LeBron. Last season was the best they were gonna do. They had LeBron, a bunch of over-hyped players, a 38 year old shadow of Shaquille O'neal and that's pretty much it. Not only did they not have any money to sign any good players, they didn't have any allure to bring players to Cleveland. Lebron knew Miami, Chicago, Boston, Orlando, NY, the Lakers etc were all gonna improve in the off season and he didn't wanna be left out. I think he chose the wrong team, but sadly any option he had (except the Clippers) would have been a better look than Cleveland.