July 9, 2010


A few quick points here: first off, despite not being a fan of the Yankees-style buying an out-of-the-box superteam approach, that has been the hallmark of modern sports, the Chris Bosh, Dwane Wade, Lebron James combo seems pretty dope to me right now.  On some level, it would have been cool if he had stayed in Cleveland and played the whole small market underdog thing for a while longer, but fuck it... If  it means that I get to watch the remainder of Kobe Bryant's prime years in the NBA end in crushing season-ending defeats, then it is well worth it.

To further illustrate how much of an incorrigible dildo Kobe is, and how cool Lebron seems in comparison, watch this:


Anonymous said...

Lebron can't take a team to the finals and win like Michael and Kobe. So wish you and your gurlfriend all the best next year.~~~~~~KISS THE RING(5) BITCH~~~~

Detroit Murder Dog said...

Sorry, Snick, but Lebron just solidified Kobe's legacy as the best since Mike with this move. Lebron copped out and joined an All-Star team because he couldn't lead a team himself. Nothing Lebron will ever do in Miami will be as impressive as Kobe leading the Lakers to NBA titles. Kobe is loving this as he has extra fuel for his sociopathic desire to win.

As an aside, get ready for Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose to take over as the new NBA stars. Fans are getting sick of this prima donna shit.