August 6, 2010


I'm introducing a new feature on LOA called 'Book by it's cover'. It's pretty self-explanatory; basically you have to look at the person pictured and guess what they're about. Solely based on their appearance, what kind of shit are they into?: -music, political views, strange habits, sexual practices etc. Be creative and thorough. The more specific and far-reaching the info you give, the better. This week's subject is disgraced LOA blogger Kid Lover. Let's get some guesses going in the comments section and maybe if we're lucky K.L. will grace us with one of his Haley's Comet-like appearances on the blog to set the record 'straight' (no homo).
(Click image to enlarge)
Hint: Do a quick search for 'Kid Lover' in the white box in the upper left-hand corner of the blog to see a few of the Kid's pathetic half-assed attempts at blogging over the last year or so... This will give some insight into his creepy-ass personaltiy.


McDaniella said...

Wow. He's definately got the homo starter kit: chester the molester side part-check; art school far far away from the meanie homophobes in texas-check; crossing you legs abnormally high as to hide the hardon he gets when dudes walk by-check. But don't tell him any of that, his virgo side will come out and pummel you with a million inane and moot points about how this isn't possible. He would support Obama, but then you would know how bad he's been coveting that light-skinned a$$.

Juice Dickerson said...

Damn I knew Yelawolf was a blogger.

Kurt Reynolds said...

classic. this dude claims to like sasha grey but really he can only work it to those gross-old-mom-catches-son-masturbating-and-fucks-him type of scenarios. claims to not know what twitter is but secretly follows dane cook. your boy listened to korn and at one time even owned a red yankees hat he wore to the side only to completely turn his back on that scene and claim to have been listening to electric wizard the whole time. he is the reason american apparel is able to keep expanding. there is no doubt at some point in his life tony robbins influenced him. politics? dude is from the burbs and repeats what he heard at the bloc party in-store to his lameball family to seem progressive but he probably doesnt even vote. worst human alive.

"sploosh" said...

broke up with a girl and never got over it. Obsessed with himself. Talks shit but never does shit.

Anonymous said...

Is that Johnny Cash's grand daughter?

bastion of suffering said...

Really...? You all are fucking pathetic... although i do like the " he's the reason american apparel is abel to keep expanding..." ha..


hacksaw jim chuggins said...

he was born a hamofrodite and he'll die a hamafrodite..

Detroit Murder Dog said...

He definitely rides a fixie. Listened to The Smiths and Bauhaus in art school, but only because he thought it would help his chances with emotionally troubled girls. He once told someone that Kid Cudi "has a great flow." Maybe has an MFA in charcoal drawing. Claims to be a vegetarian but eats fish.

Anonymous said...

Rides a skateboard twice a month,but is not good at it.Secretly hates half of his tattoos.Dislikes combs.Makes money as a "graphic designer".Doesn't have time for this shit.Decent enough guy but gets punked,or "sonned",quite a bit.Almost deserves the benefit of the doubt...almost.That's why they keep keepin' him on.

Anonymous said...

Kid Lover.
Half Llama, half lambada.
No Drama, vote Obama,
Comma, Comma, Karma.
Lance Mountain house guest.
Vector based faggot.
"Oh I'm kid lover, Fuck twitter, oh yeah, mp3's have a horrible sound quality..I only listen to cd's"
Loves Kevin Smith.
No pussy eatin, asianphile, shitface dickface.
"I met Ghostface!"

Anonymous said...

emotional 90's man cum informed subculture archivist. still reads vice and pretends it's still relevant. downloaded pitchforks "best of the aughts" comp for his ipod "DJ" gigs at bars named something like "indian burial ground". claimes to have been in a hardcore band in the 90's like mobey. hist street knowledge comes from books.

Morgan said...

The dude just really idolizes Bam Margera.

Anonymous said...

he can't jump rope. he can't skateboard. he drives like shit. he dresses like an asshole (used to rock a blazer and P.Rods). has a 100,000 DVD collection (replaced all his normal ones for blue ray ones). drives a lexus but thinks it's a maybach. sucked cock for drugs. walks around shirtless while walking the streets of laguna beach. tried to DJ but walked off the stage like a little bitch. but this fool is crushing it with girls (i have no idea how)...