August 18, 2010

My New Ringtone

The homie E Double sent me this track and pretty much changed my life. Sorry Katy Perry, but "California Gurlz" just got replaced by my new summer anthem. I played this joint at a bbq this weekend and the place went buck wild. I had girls calling for rewinds, guys doing fist pumps-- it was bananas. Even the guys eating the halal rib tips were like "fuck that mosque!" Roberto Duran heard about the party and sent me an email saying "no mosque." Listen as my man Trade Martin goes ham on the ad libbed outro. Where was this on July 4?!


Shannon Keane said...

Seriously, was this recorded by Trey Parker and Matt Stone?

Anonymous said...


boozin sarandon said...

i was thinking the same thing..sounds like a song from team america