December 15, 2010


Not only fuck the police, but also fuck this shitbag newscaster. Are you seriously interrogating the guy in a wheelchair with cerebral palsy about wether or not he attacked the police?  ATTACKED THE POLICE??? Think about it for a second motherfucker! -This dude can't even operate his own wheelchair (WHEELCHAIR!) and you're trying to put the screws to him on how he provoked police to attack him!?  This may very well be an alltime low in journalism.


Red Fox said...

That interviewer is absolutely ridiculous. Good for Jody for being so well-spoken and turning the tables on this tool.

Hambloggy said...

this is an all time low for humanity in general. damn it though Jody Mcintyre seems like a cool ass cat and spoke the truth. This fuckface pundit looks like he just got his boss's dick out of him mouth. He does a good job reppin the globalist propaganda machine known as the bbc. He has about as much integrity as a bowl of mashed potatoes. Some body needs to dump steam pile of shit flavored gravy and this loser

Anonymous said...

After trying his hardest to turn the tables on the victim, the lowlife scumbag reporter could still not answer that one simple question "do you think that a person with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair, could pose a threat to armed police?". Scumbag piece of shit!!

estranomundo said...

straight from the brass eye school of journalism