March 30, 2011

Every Rap Show I've Ever Been to Summed Up in 87 Seconds

Lupe Fiasco had a show in Chicago this weekend at the House of Blues. He showed up late and the crowd went nuts, booing a DJ off of the stage and filling the stage with bottles and cups. When Lupe finally arrived, he played for 25 minutes and bounced, telling fans "see you at the real show" -- even though people paid up to $100 and waited all night to see him. Fans were irate. The next day, Lupe said he was late because he ran out of gas, and that the crowd shouldn't have expected a performance since the show's flier said the night was a "celebration" (which I guess is something other than a "show"). And, oh yeah, he didn't know the promoter so everyone should really blame him.

Before Lupe hit the stage, the guy in this video grabbed the mic and tried to soothe the crowd by telling everyone to "calm the fuck down." This video is really a great synopsis of my entire rap show going career: unknowns on the mic, performer not on time, the crowd getting insulted from the stage, unruly audience, feeling like I was ripped off, etc. This is the kind of thing that could only happen at a hip hop show. I really can't imagine paying $100 to see Radiohead, and waiting two hours just to see Thom Yorke do a verse off of Karma Police before he walks off, telling everyone this was just a celebration.


Nick said...

So, so true. Whwnever I think of the Ghostface "show" I attended I think of those wasted 6 hours of my life I will never get back.

Anonymous said...

R.A the Rugged man shows up 4 1/2 hours late to show in Albuquerque. Most people had already left.Wack.

Anonymous said...

Niggas love ripping of other niggas and in this case a lotta white boys too. Niggas love money, what can I say