May 11, 2011

Chi-Town Anthem

I've been laid out with the flu for the past week. I've been too dizzy to play Call of Duty or read books, so my only option has been daytime TV. It is truly a wasteland. If Maury is a reflection on society, or even a small part of it, I might as well call it is wrap and jump onto the Eisenhower as I'm not sure a lower form of human life is possible.

Interspersed among DNA and lie detector tests, commercials for ambulance chasers and lump sum cash settlements, I caught some quality local programming, including this gem from WGN. Local singer-songwriter Paul Smith ripped the mic with his hit "Heeeey Bulls" while a bunch of old people clapped. In all seriousness, this was the best thing I saw between the hours of 7am and 6pm over a span of five weekdays (except for the few times I peeped out MFC).


Anonymous said...

lmao... hilarious. Heyyyyyyy BULLS bahahaha

C bezzle said...

As sad as it seems it's still better than mike terror's bulls anthem. Hey detroit murder dog, It's me CB. dunno if you remember me or my brother. Friend's of sonia's. Just wanna show love for the LOA blog. Alot of classic material. Me and my brother check it daily. Keep up the good work!

Detroit Murder Dog said...

Sound Merchants in the building! Great to hear from you guys and glad to know you're enjoying LOA.