October 5, 2011


Here's the backstory on whats going on in this video.  There's a guy named Mike Stark who's taken his hobby of intellectually thrashing right-wing Republican talk show hosts (particularly Rush Limbaugh), and turned it into an fine art. By simultaneously providing the facts and taking a steaming dump on Republican talking points, as well as completely sonning him in front of his own audience, Stark is beginning to compile a portfolio of masterpieces.  Since Limbaugh absolutely loathes trying to match wits with an intellectual superior (someone who knows and confronts him with the facts), he resorts to the typical dishonest strategy of cutting the person off, talking over them, or scrambling to come up with any outlandish lie to try and refute reality. What's even more brilliant is that, not only has Stark figured out a way to disguise his phone number so that Limbaugh's producers are unable to know it's him, but he has also begun recruiting other people to call into the show and shit on him as well. Be sure to watch Rush's epic MELTDOWN/ temper tantrum he unleashes on one of his very own ditto-head fans after Stark's call.  (Watch him check his computer screen at what is certainly an instant message from his producer, apologizing profusely for letting Stark on the air...-again... -AWESOME)

For more outstanding real talk, check out Mike Stark's website Truth Ticker where he is compiling video and audio archives of his calls.

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