December 14, 2011

A Natural Beauty

Men's Health just named Jennifer Aniston the Hottest Woman of All-Time. Anyone who had "yes" in the "is Men's Health a gay magazine?" pool just won $20. In other news, I just compiled my own list of all-time hot women and "brunette cashier at the Starbucks by my apartment" was 641 spots ahead of Jennifer Aniston.


freightman said...

Braveheart lookin' ass.

Dinky Donalds said...

You're nobody til Brad Pitt has been inside of you.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Wasn't that a Biggie Smalls song?

"Anonymous" said...

If no one else will point it out, Im just gonna say it, there's a hell of a lot of white women on that list.

Briteny Spears @ #4, is it 1999?
With a list this weak Natalie Portman should have been way higher than #27, id hit that even with the shaved head.
Beyonce #33? Seriously? Theres 32 white women hotter than Beyonce?
Why the fuck is Paris Hilton on this list, and at #40 no less.
That flick of Suzanne Somers at #72 makes me physically ill to look at.
Sasha Grey at #85 is possibly one of the few sensible picks on this list.
Where all the asian ladies at?

Yes ive been drinking, but i make no apologies.

Jay Money said...

Yeah dude, but did you see that movie Horrible Bosses? I'm not mad at her one bit.

Detroit Murder Dog said...

You know this list wasn't made by straight dudes when you see tranny Paris Hilton in the top 100 (let alone ahead of Sophia Loren). @Jay Money, no question that Aniston has a sick body but so do most of the Romanian chicks on MyFreeCams (who regretfully did not make the list).