March 7, 2012


You thought White Baby Wednesdays were just gonna be a 'one and done' type of affair? -Hell no son, we're in this for the long haul, yeenknow? Our boy Hitch Mologna just emailed us this stunner white-baby and back story to set off this week's White Baby Wednesday!-Good looking out Hitch!:

"So i hooked up with this girl a few years back at an out of town wedding, and we ended up adding each other on facebook. talked a couple times, she lived 8 hours away, so the convo ended fairly quick. about a year later she's got all these pics of her and a new bf, and then just a few months ago she posted pics of their new baby! hahah thank god i didn't pursue that overly fertile drunken wedding encounter). anyway, her baby looks like ET. heres the most recent update from her...
..i'm pretty sure i can find homelier pictures than this one if i take the time to scroll through 16 albums of her ugly 2 month old... thats a shit ton of ugly baby pics in two months.."

yours truly,

Hitch Mologna

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