June 14, 2009


•RONALD REAGAN- 2nd worst president in history. Republicans, shut your fucking holes.
•WES ANDERSON- I don't get why everyone likes his movies. I mean, they're aiiight... But if I wanted to watch some emo-drama set to an Elliott Smith soundtrack I'd... -Wait... -I'd never want to do that.
•MEGAN FOX- Yeah, you look good, but it's in a way I don't care about... Plus, you are shamelessly biting Angelina Jolie. Get off her log.
•ANGELINA JOLIE-Mega-overrated. I was never fully on board with her whole program. Plus her dad Jon Voight is a lunatic Republican
•JAY LENO- I don't get this dude at all... Your shit has always sucked.
•CARLOS MENCIA- I actually get pissed thinking about this fraudulent non-comedian. Why do you have a show?? Why does anyone watch it??
•JIMMY FALLON- You've never been funny once. Not once.
•CARSON DAILY- You may as well be Jimmy Fallon, because you are equally as uninteresting. -Wait, why are you famous again?
•KEVIN McHALE- Actually, you're not at all overrated, everyone is fully aware of how bad you suck and how you are solely responsible for running the Timberwolves franchise into the ground.
•ROBIN WILLIAMS- Hey, guess what? talking in a million different annoying voices and being completely obnoxious isn't comedic genius. It's called being on coke.


Detroit Murder Dog said...

Co-sign on Kevin McHale, although he was underrated as an NBA Jam character.

Nick said...

Agreed. Some of these nightime TV guys aren't real funny, but at least they're consistantly not funny. Apparently it's enough to be reliably mediocre. As Leno pointed out in a recent GQ interview, once you go buck wild like Sam Kinison and start talking about having sex with dead people it becomes more difficult to top that act for your next performance. You're left with nowhere to go but down. Leno may be boring, but I think he pretty much has the nightime TV game figured out.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Yeah, but isn't the point to be funny? Or entertaining...-Or charismatic? Gimme something for Christ's sake...

Nick said...

John Stewart & Conan O'Brian = Funny mother fuckers

kyle green said...

quite the narc list you have going here