November 20, 2010


Someone was really on the ball when they capitalized on making these Avatar-model fleshlights. Way before I saw this, I'd ALWAYS think about 'what if the world was really like that late 80's TV show Alien Nation?'  I mean, not those specific aliens per se; but some type of generic 2-arms, 2 legs, head-type humanoid aliens.  I guarantee you there's gonna be X% of the population thats totally gonna have a bizarre alien fetish.  Who knows, maybe the alien chicks would be way hotter than human chicks? I dunno... Wether they were hot, or super spooky looking, there'd always be some amount of people that's just down for some freaky-ass alien sex no matter what they looked like. I wonder if over time people would get so accustomed to the idea that it'd just be a completely normal thing to do.  Anyways, here's what these sick fucks imagined an Avatar pussy would look like:

Notice the triangular architecture of this sleek Avatar-style Vajay-jay; -as well as the ultra-modern dual tri-clitoris features.  I don't know about you guys, but I was just beginning to master my human-style fleshlight, and now they're gonna go and re-invent the wheel on me?  Fuck... Back to the old drawing board I guess... 

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Jay Money said...

Has anybody seen that Sprite commercial where that rapper Drake transforms into a Avatar. It's a pretty sweet commercial. That dude's a pretty good rapper, I guess. Not as good as Eminem or nothing, though.