September 9, 2011


People might think that just because I'm the editor in chief of the world's most popular news and entertainment blog, I would be above admitting when I'm wrong.  You may remember back in August of 2008, I made some inflammatory comments about Packers General Manager Ted Thompson's decision to ship Favre to the Jets, in favor of handing the team over to a then unproven Aaron Rodgers. Well, we all know how that turned out... -Currently Rodgers is the Superbowl MVP and considered by many to be the best QB in the league. Meanwhile, your boy Favre is curled up in the fetal position wondering how he went from being the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ to a pariah in less than 3 seasons. I just wanted to man up and admit that I was wrong.  I should have never doubted your great football mind. Once again, you have shown an proven you know what the-fuck you're doing (I.E. Randall Cobb).  Godspeed Ted Thompson!

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Jake said...

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