September 26, 2011


Credit where credit is due; the Bears pulled off one of the coolest trick plays I think I've ever seen in an NFL game (allbeit against my defending world champion Packers). Speaking of 'champions' I am myself a champion of fairplay and accurate officiating.  I didn't see any holding penalty on that play and think that the Bears should have been awarded the touchdown. It was an unfortunate call for the bears and cast unnecessary doubt on the fact that they would have eventually lost the game anyways.  My sincere apologies go out to Detroit Murder Dog and the rest of Bears nation.

-Snickerdoodles McPoppycock  Esq., Regional Manager Applebee's Corporation 


Detroit Murder Dog said...

I left the game just before this happened. I imagine that if I was still in the stadium and saw this horrible penalty I would have jumped on the field. The best thing I can say about the Bears this season is that at least we're not the Vikings.

Anonymous said...

Ha, the spread was (-4) Pack, And over/under was 46 for that game. Packers ended up winning 27-17. Pretty coincidental....P.S. I know Rodgers is da Man...