January 7, 2012


Back by popular demand, its another riveting, spinetingling installment of LOA's world-reknown column 'BOOK BY ITS COVER'.  Now I know what you guys are thinking, but let me assure you that this is not a young Nikola Tesla back from the dead, nor is it a Guy Fawkes mask-wearing Occupy Irvine protester who just came from his Urban Outfitters lookbook modeling shoot. Once again, it's LOA's very own, disgraced blogger "Kid Lover", wearing yet another ensemble that is sure to set the internet ablaze!

The rules of 'Book By It's Cover' are pretty straightforward: Basically you have to look at the person pictured below and guess what they're about.  Solely based on their appearance, what kind of shit are they into? -Music, political views, strange habits, sexual practices etc. Be creative and thorough. The more specific and far-reaching info, the better. Leave your replies in the 'comments' section below.  If you're still stuck on how this thing works, check out the comments from Book By Its cover Vol.1, Vol.2 and Vol.3. They're pretty breathtaking...
Take a long look at this brooding wierdo motherfucker. What is this guy up to? What are his thoughts, his dreams... What's going on under that beanie of his?


Anonymous said...

this guys is such a fucking idiot.

Crush Kill Destroy said...

I see a man who meticulously sought out an over-sized hood on his hoodie to perfect the look Christian Bale went for as early Bruce Wayne. The pseudo-shoddy exterior stitching suggests a 'rustic sensibility' but is probably closer to a shortcut taken by some nouveau fashionista that puts forth the hand-labored image, but really just bumps the price up $45. It says, "I've read comic books, but prefer the movies, and over both, I prefer pussy." Hence the synthetic loafers with makeshift after market shoelaces. Probably stole those from an invalid in a nursing home while he was trying to bang a candy-striper and then bragged about scoring them at some popular vintage store that hasn't been fully embraced by the Silverlake crowd (yet). The matching yet subtle tones of the ensemble along with the creased wrinkles suggest that this outfit was assembled from various piles in a darkened room, perhaps with curtains made from a playfully ironic banner stolen from a sporting event or a tapestry left over from his weed dealing days, but no doubt littered with just enough books and beer cans to suggest to whatever slag tramp he trucks into his lovenest that he's somewhere between 'brooding, sensitive artist' and 'struggling actor/waiter soon to be turned dubstep promoter'. The 'just manicured enough' facial hair suggests "yes, I do shave (and possibly manscape)" but only when I feel like it, and the cherry on the top of this probably American Spirit reeking sundae is an army navy surplus store knit hat (preferably Made In China), but that's really just to piss off a Prius-driving vegan ex whose recently been seen cavorting with his arch nemesis in all their used to be favorite haunts. WHAT DO I WIN?

Sup-er Boo-ty JONEZ said...

a 21st century robin hood look

suffers from dunning-kruger

eats taco bell

has a tramp stamp

thinks doing acid at home alone got old

Big Al's footlocker said...

I like that due keeps allowing himself to be harassed by douchebags.

that being said, hes seen better days.

hold on be strong.

Anonymous said...

Big Gay Al must be sucking this dude's cock. "Hold on be strong"...fucking gay as fuck.

Anonymous said...

Dude just how much of his paycheck did he waste on that beat-ass looking sweatshirt? You can tell by the way it's made it bought it especially to fit his schmedium build. Dude is funny, "Let me spend EXTRA money trying to look like even more of a loser than I am." What's up with only wearing clothes the color of his soul?

Big Al's internet sanctuary said...

dear anonymous,

you are the one who is sucking cock. I will kill you. I will kill you!

adyor said...

probably listens to Why? from anticon and watches Johnny Depp movies. He has killed 2 people in his life, and has fetish for Pakistani porn.