July 14, 2010


They call him "One-take 50 Tyson". Actually, I'm sure nobody calls him that,-other than himself.  This dude is seriously giving Soulja Boy a run for his money as far as who can have the least amount of lyrical talent. There was a point in time when this level of 'MCing' would have been an utter disgrace to humanity, -and that point in time was1979.  Fast forward 30-odd years later and what have you got? -Motherfucking 50-Tyson. That movie 'Idiocracy' is looking more and more prophetic every day...Good fucking christ... "50-Tyson" really??  What in the sweet mother of fuck are you talking about.  I mean, I got that you're a 'ball player" specifically football , and I appreciate you not lying to us about it and all... But seriously, -what the fuck?  Why did you need to make a 2-minute Youtube video to tell me that?  I think a batch e-mail would have more than sufficed.   

QUESTION:  To the LOA readers out there, has this kid managed to unseat Soulja Boy as the worst rapper of alltime? And if so, how long before he gets a multi-million dollar record contract?  Answers taken in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

I wonder where he's from exactly?

Anonymous said...

Twin Cities represent!

I was starting to worry that not enough of out rappers were literally retarded.

Sweet seventeen all day every day, David Antonio. All day every day.

Seams said...

Dude how are you gonna call him horrible? He was rapping and then went into the remix flawlessly.

Album in stores soon.

Anonymous said...

What? yep. yep. yeah. yep. And then I will be like...remix!!!

I can't wait to cop this shit. Is this guy on Rhymesayers?

I'm hoping his next video stars these guys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k98bRUOb4g&has_verified=1

hacksaw jim chuggins said...

aside from this clown, hip hop as a whole is in a bad place right now.. but big boi's new album is pretty tight and wu still holds it down.. i saw gift of gab and del a few months back and it was tight.. still nobody touches rakim, big daddy kane, kool g rap.. all those beats were dope as hell too "ill street blues" could've been recorded yesterday..

Detroit Murder Dog said...

That bathroom looks like a place you'd be stuck in if you got kidnapped. I'm assuming that these raps are codes that will reveal his location so the police can save him.

Rex Goliath said...

I think you guys have have it all wrong. I think he's really saying "I'm Fit D. Tyson", he's trying to make a name for himself as a home fitness instructor. his "album" is a do-it-from-home fitness video, perhaps including some sort of exercises he was able to derive from shit he learned in football practice. and he is imploring us to believe him ("I ain't goan lie"). so, it's important that you believe him.

Ross. said...

No way.
Not real.
His albums called "the ball player of trolling".
It drops next April 1st.

Anonymous said...

who is he?

Anonymous said...

50 tyson.. Get Rich or die Biting...album Soon!
check your local Shit shops!!!

LOL, dude had to pause to think what number comes
after 16!

witnes awr

Manny said...

This dude goes to Johnson. No doubt. They teach you to count to twenty at Washington.

Anonymous said...

50 Tyson is history in the making, all he needs is his own dance and it's a wrap. Laugh now, cry later. for real, I almost shed a tear at the end of this

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

-Good looking out!

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Wait a minute... Is this video propaganda to buy his album, or to NOT buy his album... Somehow I think he's managing to do both at the same time. Like I'm really wanting to spend some money to see how bad it sucks.