January 8, 2011

Horrible Rap Weekend: Mo Marcash, Mo Problems

The Neiman Marcash movement is unstoppable at this point. This guy is swaggerballing out of control: watching The Honeymooners in the bathroom, wearing sunglasses in a tub, booking hotels on Priceline and dancing on State Street. On top of that, he has 7 label meetings, 4 shows, 4 interviews and a Swedish massage lined up. Kids better buy Marcash's rookie card now, because after 2011 the price ain't coming down.


faxer said...

D.O.G. for sure...why is this ass hole in the bathtub with 500 bucks on his tray......its no puppy in the chrome wood chipper. on a scale of 1-10 i give it a zero

J Bizzle said...

That party that he threw in the hotel by himself with 1 hooker looked CRAZY!

Hambloggy said...

this is some funny ass shit man...the kids got heart though..im definantly pickin up that rookie card...GO HEAD CASH...I AINT MAD AT YOU!!!