September 13, 2011


The Art Police are out of control in Los Angeles these days. On a legal level, I fail to see the difference between this, and some of the more obnoxious Christmas santa/Jesus laser-light shows that nobody seems to care about. Hey, here's an idea: how about they charge every dipshit conservative who files a complaint, a $5,000 fine for wasting everyone's collective time.  How about, if you don't like it , go look at something else like A Starbucks, or a Wal Mart or a Bank of America Billboard or one of the many other truely ugly things we all have to put up with looking at every day.


friedpalm said...

The funny thing is that on Broadway and Cloverfield in SM. There is a building covered by SLICK - RISK - DEN and SEVER. And its been there for years! I think they should get REVOK and paint over it AGAIN!!

Anonymous said...

is that hometown anchor paul majors at the beginning of that clip?

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Same P.-Maj from the Twin Cities, he randomly got his job in LA around the same time I moved out here.

Seamo One said...

It's ridiculous, what's interesting is that many highly conservative republicans think this is a total violation of the constitution, which it clearly is.
Honestly, the more people I talk to (and I actually know some higher ups in politics) are outraged.
People on both sides agree that this is a gross waste of time & taxpayer $.

I don't like government telling me or anyone else what they can or can't do with their Own Personal property &/or their body.
I don't live in LA, but we feel the heat in the Midwest a bit too.
Nothing like what's going on there.
I've signed the petition & asked all my friends & family to sign & be more aware of Shit like this...
Best of luck. Love your blog E!