November 8, 2011


Here it is you sick fucks. Prepare to get your collective wigs peeled back as you try to wrap your disgusting minds around this special 2011 'Chud or No Chud' discussion. Seriously; real talk, -would you bone, Sharon Bialek, The latest of Herman 'Big Daddy' Cain's sexual harassment accusers? It is important to note that this is a tricky one, you might want to delve deeper into a google image search before you make your final verdict... Good luck.
(Click image to enlarge)
A few rules for your evaluation:The chud-spectrum breaks down into 3 general categories: 1.Hot 2.Chud, and 3.Sub-Chud• The Hot category is a no-brainer. Everyone and their dad would hit that. -Think Cassie.• In the Chud category, there's a glimmer of something there. You can't quite put your finger on what it is, but most likely you'd put your dick on what it is- (so long as that shit stays on Downlow.) -Think Soledad O'Brien  • Sub-Chud is pretty self explanatory; It's not happening...-EVER. No way, no how. -Think Gloria Allred. In the Comments section below, please leave your stance on where you think Sharon Bialek falls on the chud-spectrum and site reasons for your decision. We will be scientifically compiling this data to come up with the official verdict as to weather or not she is indeed a chud or not. Good luck contestants, BRING IT!!


Crush Kill Destroy said...

Okay. I was like Chuddin for a moment, hit that google search after I peeped the Soledad O'Brien Jack Nicholson Joker mouth pic with the Katie Couric Photoshop'd eyes, and I was like, eh, maybe, I've hit worse all whiskey'd up on a cold & lonely night, she probably knows some kinky shit I won't learn til I'm 46 either. I saw that sepia Facebook photo and the Chud meter went up and then I saw the weird close up of her crazy laughing at something where it looks like her make up was on it's last 30 seconds before meltdown/liftoff and it got all creepy almost-milf school nurse versus wine'd up friend of Mom you randomly see at the bar one night who may or may not be possibly making sexual advances, and that's weird in it's self cause you maybe had one of those Wackness over-reacting teenage love moments after you finger banged the daughter on the back of the bus, and I thought of Stiffler's Mom and now I'm just confused cause it's like maybe, but you risk the chance of waking up out of a drunken stupor next to melty face having a tear-laden emotional meltdown cause said daughter you FB'd 'doesn't call anymore and you were her friend and maybe you could talk to her' and Christ, nobody wants that. I'd Chud the shit outta Soledad tho.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

This Chud Challenge was on Sharon Bialek though, not Soledad O'Brien... You need to re-format your response.

Crush Kill Destroy said...

That is about Sharon Bialek. Here's the pic I'm talking about. http://poponthepop.com/2011/11/sharon-bialek-herman-cains-accuser-has-a-shady-past/

"Anonymous" said...

Chud, would definitley hit though. She looks like a chubby girl with one of those older lady tummy control tops on trying to hide the gut - trying to pretend like shes not a chubby girl. But in the end chubby girls always try harder, which is good for me because im not gonna put much effort into a chud like that.

Also, defintiley get a real Stifler's mom vide from her as well.

Anonymous said...

chud, but only for the novelty factor of banging one of herman cain's accusers. also, would like pizza involved. sub-chud if she was just some random woman on the street though.

Anonymous said...

I know this is old but, I would fuck Sharon Bialek, Gloria Allred and Ginger White. Hopefully in an orgy setting.I am a sick bastard though so my vote doesn't eally count.LOL!